Sunday, August 21, 2011

Rapid Cart

Artfire has published a new version of it's rapid cart technology.  Previously I've had the rapid cart set to display a selection of random items from my studio and I was excited to update to the newer, faster blah, blah, blah version. So i tried updating. Generated the code and removed the old and copied and pasted in the new cart code and just like magic now it's not working.  Not surprised.  My tech skills are not fantastic, but even I can handle copy and paste. So now instead of showing my items, the rapid cart is showing a nice selection of random items from other peoples studios.  Grrrrrrr.  My problem is being looked into in the bug reports forum section, but if I don't hear of/can't find a fix soon I'm going to have to take it down.

Have you had any luck getting your rapid cart to work? Any suggestions on possible fixes I can try?

Edited to say: Someone in the forums kindly reminded me that I was tinkering around with my studio and had left it on vacation mode and that while on vacation mode it will display other peoples items. Once I took it out of vacation mode it seems to be working properly.  Big Thank You to BeachyRustica for the help.

Look to a separate blog post coming soon on my upcoming vacation plans.

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