Sunday, December 12, 2010


"Oh the weather outside is frightful..."
I know it seems like I talk about weather a lot considering this is a blog for my ArtFire crochet store, but in Missouri if you don't like the weather wait a little bit and it can change. In the summer, the heat index often climbs over 100 degrees F. Today the wind chill is 2 degrees F and it is supposed to be colder tomorrow. I think that is quite a range of temps we get here.  We got a little snow, maybe enough for kids to play around in. Actually that's what the doggies are out doing right now. It's a fine powdery snow, not good for building, but it's the wind that is making it so miserable. Personally, I will be spending my afternoon curled up watching football and making a warm cowl with leftover yarn from my Shawl with Multicolored Shell Pattern.

Also, I promised you a few more pictures, and I did list this crocheted scarf in a warm yellow shade to brighten up your winter wardrobe.

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