Monday, December 6, 2010

New Items

At last, at last! I have finally convinced my self to dig out my camera and get to listing some items. Taking pictures of my items is an absolutely necessary part of listing items online, but it's one of my least favorite things to do. I can't even blame my camera. Even though its two or three years old it has the capability to take fantastic pictures. I'm pretty sure it's all operator error when things turn out not as spiffy as I would like.

I had better luck in the summer and fall taking pictures outside in natural lighting. However, now that it's below freezing outside I have to go back to trying to figure out how to make my indoor space work. I was mostly successful in taking photos of two items before my camera battery died. Yesterday I took to many pictures of  the circus surrounding my husband trying to get Santa hats on our two dogs. I'll be charging up the battery tonight and taking pictures of two or three more items tomorrow.

Scarf Lilac Mohair Circles

Shawl with Multicolored Shell Pattern

Molly and Pan with their Santa hats on

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