Thursday, December 23, 2010


I think I am finally ready for Christmas. I haven't been all immersed in the Christmas spirit like I usually am, but it's because I have to work Saturday evening and I'm just not looking forward to it. It does come with the territory of working at a hospital and I don't have to do this every year, so I should be thankful. Presents are bought and we finished the wrapping yesterday.

Thankfully people aren't coming to my house this year, because the house certainly isn't suitable for visitors right now. We get to do a little traveling, but it's not too far. Everything will be fine as long as were on the low side of the snowfall forecast for tomorrow. A white Christmas will be beautiful.  However, I do intend to have our house in shape in time for our New Years Eve party. That means I need to pack up and put away my in-stock crochet items so they are not completely taking over our living room and office. There's just one wing left to make on the Cthulhu and then at least all of my in process projects will be done too. The big question is can I keep from starting anything new again between now and then.

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