Saturday, December 18, 2010

Custom Cthulhu

A college friend of mine, Bryan, found this really amazing crochet pattern online created by a another blogspot blogger for an amigurumi Cthulhu. He asked a few weeks ago if I could custom make him a green one with dark green wings. The creator of this pattern generously stated in her bio and comments that her patterns are free and that people are welcome to do whatever they want with them. But I still want to give her proper credit for her work. Now that I have my Christmas crafting all wrapped up now seems like the perfect time to start on this fun project. Friday I went out and bought the yarn for this project. However, I'm still searching to find really cool cat eyes beads for the eyes. I need to get down to Lady Bug Beads which is fairly close by and see if they have something like I'm looking for. I was looking online, but I only need one pair maybe two, but certainly not twenty and it seems like the best way to get them online is in bulk.

If you would like to see another item I've made for Bryan I keep a picture of the tie that I made him last summer in my gallery.

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